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SunVia delivers the latest technologies and standards for tomorrow

SunVia is a B2B SaaS technology company providing infrastructure with The Metaverse Operations Manager™. Integrating with technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, lnternet of Things, and Geolocation, our platform builds on the foundation of digital identity to enable trust, independence, and transparency in the metaverse.

Over the next year, the SunVia platform will power the evolution of the relationship economy from “end user license agreements” (EULA), which deliver 3rd party access to your data, to “ethical license agreements” (ELA), which give you parity with the platforms that use your information, leading to independence and control.

Join us on the journey, contact us today to start.

SunVia Corp.
501 Congress Avenue
Suite 150
Austin, Texas 78701
+1 512-886-1662


Jay Williams
President / CTO 

Internet pioneer and serial entrepreneur involved with over a dozen technology startups over the course of his career.


Chris Murphy
VP Engineering

Seasoned, hands-on executive technologist with extensive startup experience, 20+ years in leading-edge technology and leadership, and seven years of cybersecurity technology leadership.


Tony Eisenhut
Chief Operating Officer

Co-founded and successfully exited multiple startups by amplifying operational excellence, market knowledge and technical rigor through people.


Liz Wiley
General Counsel

Avid follower of emerging technologies (especially distributed ledger technology and AI) and how the legal system is addressing them.


Stephen Banks
VP Marketing

25 years of technology and marketing expertise for a host of solutions ranging from healthcare and energy to social media and online marketplaces.


Brigitte Benquet
Chief Financial Officer

25 years experience at Applied Materials and Medtronic, followed by multiple years of working with startups and transitioning to in-house resources as appropriate.


John Humphrey
Chief Revenue Officer

Seasoned sales executive and serial entrepreneur focused on early-stage sales strategy and execution. Experience in software and IT services building platforms at scale.


Bradley Gold
VP Trust

Texas faculty member teaching business ethics and data privacy, practicing attorney, Vice Chair of Canadian consumer data privacy protection committee to ISO, and executive educator of financial literacy, practice management, business ethics, and audit management.